Final Project

I'll have to upload the file somewhere ... but I made a power point presentation for my final project.

My First Term of College

This is the end of my first term of college. I took two classes, both online, as I did not have a job when I registered, but hoped to find one and did not want my school and work schedule to overlap. By the time I finished my first week of school, I had a job working night shift at a local care home for dementia patients. This has been an experience! Something interesting happens almost every day I go to work. I haven't been to a regular school since 6th grade, as I was homeschooled (self taught, mostly) after that. I was nervous about taking a class with deadlines and assignments, but I think I did pretty okay in the end. I've been practicing my writing by blogging off and on over the years, and it doesn't hurt that I like it!

I feel like I learned a lot this term. It wasn't the ideas or techniques that I read in the book that I appreciated the most (I know how to read, and I could have done that on my own), but the feedback and pushing I got from my teachers. I'm always happy to be shown (whether directly with a note or indirectly through an activity or assignment) how I am doing things wrong. I realized that I had been being lazy, as well as my over use of it and is. I've been catching myself doing the same thing while writing my sociology assignments, and I can re-write my sentences to be more complete. I can really tell the difference between a sentence with a bunch of 'it's and one with actual words instead.