Ritual Well


I was reading the Wikipedia article on Rosh Chodesh, when I ran into this site. From what I've seen of it up to this point, it's awesome! It takes all the major Jewish holidays and sabbaths, and give them a feminist not suggesting that these feministic rituals replace the traditional practices, but that they should be added in so that a whole is created rather than halves.

The member's ony section includes a messageboard, and a way to share ritual work between users. Once I registered, I had a hard time finding the forum. I finally found it on the sitemap. And, after looking at it I know why it was buried. The only posts on there were from porn-spam and one angry Christian lady who likes to type in all-caps. That's too bad! It seemed like a great resource.

I'm going to hang out there, so I'm encouraging you to visit and help realize the potential of this site.

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