SPAR #4: Batman vs. Superman

Batman is superior to Superman.

Batman has greater intelligence and mental strength than Superman.

Batman is known to have genius level IQ, photographic memory, to be a computer hacker and spends his time solving mysteries. Batman beat Superman in a fight using his brain rather than brute strength. Superman, on the other hand, solves his problems with a swift punch to the face.
Solving problems without “super powers”, but instead with mental prowess is superior to solving problems by punching them out of the galaxy. Problems have a canny way of outwitting brute strength.

Superman is superior to Batman.

Superman is physically superior to Batman.

Let’s face it, Superman can run really, really fast, has x-ray vision, heat rays that come out of his eyes, is strong enough to lift anything on this world, and he can flipping fly. Batman is a human. Batman may have a batmobile, but he can’t even drive as fast as Superman can jog.
Superman has the physical ability to accomplish anything he wants, where Batman is limited by human limits and technology, therefore Superman is superior to Batman.

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